the caves of mezzema in Tremosine sul Garda

The caves of Mezzema of 1916
The caves located near the small village of Mezzema,
are memoreis of the history of the first world war

The original three caves were dug by hand in the first war as a defence of the territory in then were subsequently border the rear used during the Second World War as a shelter for families in the area.

The caves have been cleared for the visit and equipped with lighting, set up by reproductions of weapons and chants of alpine choirs.

The park Mezzema caves is about 10 minutes walk from 'Hotel Panorama, following the path after the hotel car park, or going from the village of Mezzema to santella towards Fontanei is the first cave adjacent to the road. Above you can take a walk in the park and follow the paths of the other two also very interesting caves.

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