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In every season of the year, hundreds of brightly-coloured sails skim over the waves lapping the shores of lakeside Campione. The small village of Tremosine located just 5 Km. from our hotel.

The winds that blow from sunrise to sunset, such as the morning Peler or the afternoon Ora, create a true paradise for windsurf and sailing enthusiasts. Schools, individual instructors and the local sailing club offer courses for both children and adults.


A new sport that has already attracted a huge following: the kite surf. Come to Lake Garda to try this exhilarating sport as you are pulled along on the water by a specially designed kite which also allows you to perform mind-blowing jumps. Many local schools supply the equipment and give beginners an introduction to this highly enjoyable sport.
Moreover, lakeside beaches give you an excellent opportunity to soak up the sun and bathe in the water.

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